Levi Roots bids farewell with his final Colourful show

The Dragon Slayer ends his 3 year residency at Colourful on top form

Words by Colourful


 Levi Roots, serial entrepreneur, singer and DJ, ends his spicy residency at Colourful.

On his penultimate show, he said:

"Well, just like the song, you know, every good thing has to eventually come to an end. And, and I gotta say that it's one of the saddest moments for me on the show. Lord have mercy.  It's been almost three years since I've been with you on this station. I started this show in April 2021"

"I left my BBC Radio 2 spot and walked right into Colorful radio during the pandemic years and had to learn pretty quickly. I wanted to do the show live.  The Kofi, the CEO of Colorful and Sly was very supportive of me. They literally gave me a crash course on how to produce my own show.  And within a matter of a couple of runs,  I was given the keys to the station and told to get on with it."

"Every Thursday, I would turn up completely on my Todd, having the studio to myself.  Lots of mistakes were made. I couldn't operate the decks or other problems would arise."

"But slowly my confidence grew and I started to have a one-man show, a one-man party here in the studio, turning up the volume and dancing around like a complete madman.  But I was loving it here being on my own. But actually, I wasn't entirely on my own because I knew that you, my dedicated listeners were with me." 

"And now, as the song says, the end is near, and the final curtain will be I will say goodbye to Colorful Radio, and to you my friends."

"I will almost certainly be here for you and maybe, just maybe, in the future,  I will be back."

His final show was a packed 2-hour collection of his favourite tracks and a parade of his best moments.

We say thank you to Levi for all the music and memories and wish him all the best on his next adventure!

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