Colourful celebrates Africa Day 2024

The celebrations start at 7am with Africa Day Breakfast, followed by panel discussions, music-led shows, and cultural programmes.

Words by Colourful


Colourful's Africa Day team

Colourful's Africa Day team

This May 25th is Africa Day, the annual commemoration of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity going back on 25 May 1963. 

This year, the UK's leading African-Caribbean owned broadcaster, Colourful, will be celebrating Africa Day live on the air. 

Just as Colourful has been doing for the Caribbean community with Windrush Day celebrations, the founder and Executive Producer of Colourful, Mr Kofi Kusitor said: 

"For the last 7 years we've celebrated Windrush Day with 18 hours of live broadcast every year on all things Caribbean. Time to do the same for Africa Day.

This is the first time ever in the United Kingdom that a broadcaster will be attempting to celebrate the significant and diverse African community in this way.

The day will start with Africa Day Breakfast at 7am, followed by panel discussions, music-led shows, and cultural programmes.

Africans on the continent, in the diaspora, and everyone interested in Africa is invited to join us in our Africa Day celebrations by tuning in at, via popular online radio APPs such as TuneIn and Radio Garden, through smart devices (tell siri/Google/Alexa 'Play Colourful Radio') or via DAB in London just by tuning into Colourful.

Must say, I am truly grateful to Colourful Productions and the entire team for their commitment and service to our Africa Day celebrations." 

Tune in this Saturday from 7am and share your comments @colourfulradio across socials, on WhatsApp +44 7940 544 099 or email

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