The Greats

The Greats

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Ever wondered how your favourite artist got their break? The Greats explores the life, music, highs and lows of legendary names in R&B, soul, funk, jazz and hip hop. Pick an episode and find out what made the G.O.A.Ts tick.

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3 episodes

Aretha Franklin

S1 E1 | 01 Mar, 2021 | 59 MIN | MORE

The late, and still incomparable, singer, songwriter, actress, pianist, civil rights activist and Queen of Soul, Aretha Louise Franklin began her career as a child singing gospel music

Sam Cooke

S1 E2 | 20 Apr, 2021 | 58 MIN | MORE

Commonly known as the 'King of Soul' for his distinctive vocals and significance in popular music, Cooke scored a string of hits such as "You Send Me", "A Change Is Gonna Come", "Cupid", "Wonderful World"

Millie Jackson

S1 E3 | 22 Jul, 2021 | 59 MIN | MORE

Underrated singer, songwriter whose songs often have long, humourous, and explicit spoken sections. This has led some to call her bawdy, brash and bad!

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