Nostalgia Podcast

Nostalgia Podcast

Victoria Pennant

Victoria Pennant and guests explore the five tracks that take them back to the stories, experiences and memories that have shaped them and their journey.

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Welcome to the first episode of Nostalgia!

S1 E1 | 03 Mar, 2023 | 86 MIN | MORE

We introduce the podcast, the host and learn about her most nostalgic songs and the reason nostalgia came to be

Exploring songs and nostalgia

S1 E2 | 04 Mar, 2023 | 11 MIN | MORE

Mental Health advocate and ambassador, Pablo, takes us on an educational journey to explore his songs and nostalgia

Recalling a childhood talent show

S1 E3 | 05 Mar, 2023 | 48 MIN | MORE

Singer/songwriter, music producer and part-time massage therapist Zem recollects his childhood talent show

The musical moment that stays with you

S1 E4 | 06 Mar, 2023 | 58 MIN | MORE

Rapper GeeFree recalls a musical moment that stayed with him to this day

Nostalgia of a beautiful 10-year relationship

S1 E5 | 07 Mar, 2023 | 52 MIN | MORE

We journey through the musical nostalgia of Alex and Anna's beautiful 10-year relationship that turned into marriage

Meeting grandmother for the first time

S1 E6 | 08 Mar, 2023 | 49 MIN | MORE

Jonny reminisces about meeting his grandmother for the first time

In Rememberance of Mother

S1 E7 | 05 Apr, 2023 | 85 MIN | MORE

Gbenga playlist takes him back to Saturday morning cleaning, family and social gatherings

The complexities of identity in the black community

S1 E8 | 06 Apr, 2023 | 41 MIN | MORE

HIV activist Bakita shares the importance of shifting perspective and remaining emotionally balanced

The close relationship and bond with grand-dad

S1 E9 | 07 Apr, 2023 | 41 MIN | MORE

Dion-Marie reminisces about the close relationship and bond with her late Grandfather

COVID-19 and the music industry

S1 E10 | 08 Apr, 2023 | 63 MIN | MORE

Miriam delves into the effects COVID-19 has had on the music industry, the subtle importance of representation

The beauty of old-school recording

S1 E11 | 11 Aug, 2023 | 63 MIN | MORE

Stephen, a financial analyst by day and a DJ by night speaks to the beauty of old-school recordings and the beautiful crackles that can be heard in the song.

The innocence and naivety of childhood

S1 E12 | 12 Aug, 2023 | 41 MIN | MORE

Writer, host, anti-racism trainer, and consultant, Azryah speaks about the innocence and naivety of childhood, how good boy bands were back in the day and being a self-proclaimed lover girl.

The directness of songwriting is lost

S1 E13 | 13 Aug, 2023 | 41 MIN | MORE

Meet singer, songwriter and producer, Idele. She says the directness of songwriting is lost; harks back to when we were younge, and the seemingly endless summers

The influence of fathers and the family on career choice

S1 E14 | 14 Aug, 2023 | 98 MIN | MORE

Victoria sits with CHRLI, a singer-songwriter who moved to London to pursue a career in music. They discuss her father and family's influence on her career choice

Chilled Sunday afternoons

S1 E15 | 15 Aug, 2023 | 12 MIN | MORE

Victoria sits down with singer-songwriter Monét, her soulful sounds are reminiscent of chilled Sunday afternoons.

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