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Colourful Breakfast

Steve Quirk with Colourful Breakfast

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Wake up. Shake up. Step up


Steve Quirk is not just a radio presenter ... he is a brand with over 30 years in radio who’s successfully navigated changing radio landscapes, formats and tastes.

He’s hosted Fusion Flavours for Sunset FM, Jazz FM for eight years during the golden age that found smooth jazz really connecting with its growing United Kingdom audience; and acted as Musical Director for Jazz FM.

Steve’s passion for the music took his Fusion Flavours across the pond to host a weekly syndicated show in the USA on WNUA 95.5 Chicago and on LOVE 94 in Miami.

Steve currently hosts shows for Wave FM (Canada) and Colourful Radio (UK).


The last track

Morning Clarke loving the music, I was getting my groove on with the last track then you stop it in the middle for the traffic and weather!!! Please, rewind rewind!!!!!

Max | 12/06/2017

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